Vallarta Bagel World, Puerto Vallarta


⏰ 09:00 - 21:00

💵 MX$21 - MX$83

🌏 Valle Montesa 171 Las Juntas, Puerto Vallarta 63735 Mexico (View map)

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About us

We make Puerto Vallarta’s best home made bagels, Deli Rye, Challah, Cinnamon rolls, Pastrami, corned beef, ham and roast beef
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Image Vallarta Bagel World, Puerto Vallarta

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👆 Web ⏳ 22-05-2017

bagels and bialis

I lived in NY and NJ for many years and I took the excellent bagels for granted. I moved here over 20 years ago......and experienced the ’void’ in my love of these items.....many thanks to Vallarta Bagel World for filling that void for so many of us expats here.
👆 Web ⏳ 07-02-2014

Five star onion bialys and challah at the Thursday night "market" at the marina

It’s not a restaurant but it’s a great "food resource." What a delicious discovery! At one of the far ends of the marina on Thursday market-night, we managed to purchase their last petite challah and the few remaining onion bialys. The bialy was perfect, crispy onions and some other good seeds I couldn’t distinguish in the darkness. It was finished off so quickly with neither butter nor cream cheese, I might not even bother toasting them at home! This year, It was our good fortune to arrive at the bread stall "just in time." Friday night, we brought our challah along to a favorite restaurant in San Vicente. It was quite fine with their fiery salsa. Next year, we will stock up at their bakery in town. And post photos!
👆 Web ⏳ 18-03-2013

Great bagels

For years Vallarta suffered from bagelitis (lack of real bagels), but no more! Peter makes authentic water bagels in lots of varieties plus bialys, delicious challah (braided egg bread) and rye bread. Yummmm.
👆 Web ⏳ 12-03-2013

Peter makes the best Bagels in and around Banderas Bay!

Bagels done the correct way! Yum, yum , yum.. Delivered to many restaruants & Deli's around the Bay.. If it's not Bagel World it's not the real deal!

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