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City Of Art

Come for the markets and stay for the relaxation. After spending about 30 years traveling all through out Mexico, I’ve come to learn how many cities are lost wonders. Tonala is one of them. Known for its artisan markets, the area is sprawling with much more. The local stores, people, art, and food are just what you would expect of a smaller city in Mexico. Calm and peaceful are the days and nights surrounding the busy market days. Keep in mind there is plenty to do and see so don’t just go for the shopping. Take your time to walk around and take in the entire city. Jump in a cab or Uber and take a tour. There is an on off bus tour that looks even more appealing, we didn’t have the time to take advantage of it, but hope to next time. There are a handful of churches and a don’t forget to stop at the top of the hill for some great views.

Interesting town

This is the place to find things at good prices. They have a major flee market, about 2 city blocks big, twice a week plus local residents sell there things along the streets of Tonala. We have bought many thing there. Also good place for store selling hand carved products. We have bought fountains, blown glass, pewter, wood products, etc. Well worth it!

National Museum of Mexican Ceramics in Tonala’

Small collection, but choice. As a ceramic artist, I was stunned by these massive masterpieces of pottery. Brilliant brushwork.

Lovely place! Great buys on glass

Wow this place is so much fun! Look for great buys on glassware. We bought beautiful hand blown glasses for less than 3$ each. There is so much choice and the deals are incredible

Not Interesting Enough

The area was not interesting enough to return or recommend, especially not if you are staying in downtown takes ar least an hour to get to Tonala and then encounter nothing to see...sorry!
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