Tlaco, Mexico City


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πŸ’΅ MX$62 - MX$167

🌏 Calle Atlixco 155-A, Mexico City 06170 Mexico (View map)

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TLACO #TlacoyosAncestrales We are a group of entrepreneurs looking to recover the values of our ancient kitchen through the first AmericaΒ΄s fast food: The Tlacoyo. With more than 2,000 years the Tlacoyo is considered the father of all the Mexican antojitos like the Taco, the Huarache, the Gordita, the Tlayuda. We have many options for creating your own Mexican Tlacoyo! With Mushrooms with mole, Huitlacoche, Ayocote (a really big black bean), Potato, Zuchini Blossom, Alberjon, ChampiΓ±ones , Quelites, Verdolagas, Nopales and many many more! You should also come to try our awesome Tostada with Chapulines (Crickets) with a fresh Pulque (an ancient drink that comes from the cactus) a totally ancient experience! Or if you preffer we also have Elotes (Corn) with Guacamole and Mole, Cafe de olla con Cacao, Mazapanes, Amarantos and many more. Fell and taste the flavors of the Mexican Ancient Traditions! Tasty and Healthy!
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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 11-03-2020

Delicious Food from Myan times

Attracted by the Vegan / Vegetarian reviews I wasn’t prepared for a dive into a tasty history lesson from one of Mexico’s earliest civilizations. Worth seeking out to enjoy individually crafted, satisfying, healthy and inexpensive food and drink. My Vegan card my be revoked but I did enjoy the crickets (grasshoppers) on top of the Tlacoyos. Soup was incredible with layered flavors and satisfying taste. Take the time to enjoy this unique dining experience in this lovely neighborhood. Small, thoughtful and satisfying!
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 25-09-2019

Awesome vibe, amazing food

Excellent traditional Mexican food, very filling, delicious and awesome service. You must try their mint pulque! I had the best Tlacoyo meal here. Absolutely loved it. Thanks guys!!
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 11-02-2019

Great lunch traditional organic cafe

Great healthy traditional food. Fast. Not expensive. Good mission based cafe with traditional Mexican food served well. Cheap also. Ate there twice on a busy week.

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