Taboga Eco Boutique Hotel


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

💵 MX$1,300 - MX$3,229

🌏 Carretera Federal Nautla Poza Rica Km 82.5 Costa Esmeralda, Monte Gordo 93588 Mexico (View map)

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Room type

  • Ocean view

  • Non-smoking rooms

  • Suites

  • Family rooms

Language spoken

English, Spanish

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About us

Taboga: Eco Boutique Hotel was designed by a well travelled English/Mexican couple. It has been inspired by truly beautiful beach hotels from around the world. Here you will find the perfect combination of natural beauty and balanced energy that will make your stay an unforgettable experience. You can expect open spaces, beautiful gardens and access to a clean and quiet beach. Try your hand at Kitesurfing in our fully equipped school with certified instructors.
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Image Taboga Eco Boutique Hotel

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Scarlett C
⏳ 06-2020

First Guests Post-COVID - Excellent job!

We were the very first guests at the Taboga Eco hotel upon their reopening due to the pandemic. Upon arrival, and the entire weekend, the owners and staff were working tirelessly to keep the entire resort clean. This started from when we got out of the car to check in, and they sprayed down our luggage, to the room, with all towels sealed in plastic, and continued throughout. Everything was extremely clean and safe. Aside from the care and dedication that was shown regarding cleanliness, we really enjoyed everything. The pool was nice and even though the government still had not opened the beach, we didn’t really need to go out to the water because the view was lovely and we were able to eat our meals at a table overlooking the beach. This was our first trip to Veracruz and to be very clear, this is not a major resort area. If you are looking for a nightclub and a $15 dollar cocktail, this is not the location for you. However, we loved the slightly undeveloped feel and appreciated being in a location that wasn't overrun by spring breaker types like we see in Cancun. Having spent many years in Mexico, I have always heard that Veracruz was not a great vacation place, but the Taboga hotel was lovely and fully up to my standards, and it was so relaxing because we were close to nature and enjoyed beautiful scenery. Overall, I would definitely stay here again and highly commend the owners and staff. Such excellent service and you can tell when people really put their heart into what they do. This small hotel owner even paid her staff during the pandemic, so if that doesn't show passion and a well-run business, I don't know what does. Great job! …
⏳ 04-2019

THE choice for a stay at Costa Esmeralda

The place is just fantastic. It’s great for both a romantic couple stay as well as for a family retreat. Cottages are great bamboo houses and the two floor family cabañas are a delight; ample, romantic, fun for the kids, yet offering the parents a secluded space for reading, a drink, and romance. The grounds are week kept, clean and with great opportunities for children to play and adults to relax and lounge. The beach is black but great and very isolated so only used by hotel guests. Just a great place through and through - THE pick for a few days on Costa Esmeralda.
Beata B
⏳ 11-2017

Great family boutique!

Loved this place and highly recommend for a family stay, even with small children. We have a 2 year old and 5 month old and we really enjoyed our stay here. Super family friendly hotel, even have a kids table and baby seats available (this is a BIG deal for families with small kids and not something readily available at smaller boutique hotels so we really really really appreciated it). There is a shallow section of the pool which is perfect for kids and they even have a trampoline. We got a room with A/C because our kids sweat abnormally in the tropical weather. Only gripe would be about food times -- would have loved to have breakfast start a bit earlier at 7 or 7:30. We understand it’s tough to coordinate early start times with local employees but young kids tend to wake up around 6am and I know in our case, our son was already starving by 8am when food orders were just being taken. Other families that we talked to there agreed, some even had kids wake up at 5am (very normal with young kids). Other than that, thank you so much to the kind staff who made us feel so welcome and at home. …
Andrei G
⏳ 07-2017

Great place for a relaxed beach vacation

A very nice low-key hotel right on the beach. On a long stretch of pretty much empty sand beach, I should add. And, given the current highway map, this is, effectively, the closest beach to Mexico City with the sole and not very salubrious exception of Acapulco. Not much to do in the area otherwise. Ok, the Tajin ruins (among the most striking in Mexico) are less than an hour away - but it is hot for much of the day. Hot enough that you do not really want to be an hour away from the sea breeze. The towns in the vicinity are less than charming - Mexico is more fun in the mountains, where it is less hot, and so people have rarely created things of beauty on the shore (the city of Veracruz is, indeed charming - but it is 3 hours away on the narrow coastal road that doubles up as a major trunk road from Texas to Guatemala). But the beach is the beach (especially early in the morning or after 5 PM - day time the sun is dangerous there). The hotel itself is quite comfortable and has all that you would need to spend a few days relaxing. We were in one of the rooms with AC - they say that the "ecoloigical" rooms without AC are designed to be cool. May be - but the climate in those parts calls for an AC all the same. There are only too flaws I can think of. One is that the restaurant is on the expensive side (by Mexican standards) - you wind up spending more on food than on the hotel itself. If you have a car, you might want to go out for meals - though, given how hot it is, you might choose to stay right there anyway. Food is, actually, quite good, though the selection is shortish (the area is great both for seafood and cattle - hard to go bad with ingredients this good). They have no clue about bagels though, despite prominently featuring them on the menu - somebody with proper New York sense should be hired to fix that part. The other problem is the inconsistent internet. It is ok that wifi is not available in the rooms (actually, given our room location we frequently got the signal there - when there was a signal). But having it reliably in the parts of the property where it is advertised as existing would seem essential these days. No other serious complaints - a very nice place indeed. …
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