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SLIM MEDI SPA is a professional , Swiss owned and managed establishment . It’s a family owned 13 year old business chain that has been changing and adapting to the new needs in the aesthetic world over the years . Always maintaining the main focus to not only change images , but touch hearts and connect with the patients. We are leaders in NON invasive Body Contouring and sculpting using the most advanced technologies such as Liposonix 4 Dimensiónal, Coolsulpting, EM Sculpt, Lipolaser Slim Medi Spas cosmetician offer a variety of facials as well as laser treatment with Diode and Picolaser. Our doctors are at all time on site and are the ones applying Botox , fillers as well as a variety of IVs
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Best Value Ever @SlimSpa

Jacqueline (Jacky) is fantastic. She has a holistic approach with all the treatments offered. If you’re improving your looks or jump-starting your beach body, Jacky uses a holistic approach for optimal results. She truly cares about her clients and offers treatments that will be effective for the body and face. More importantly, there’s no body shaming at Slim Spa. Jacky will give you an honest evaluation for the best treatments no matter what your goals are.
I am a professional man in my 40s and important to look my best at work and in my leisure life. This is my second time at the spa - for multiple treatments. And I will be back for tune ups, for sure! I highly recommend including a visit to Slim Spa and to see Jacky on your trip to Play Del Carmen. No one will ever know what ’work’ you might have had done. Live your best life -- and Jacky at Slim Spa will help you reach those goals!
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I had injections on my back and cool sculpting on my stomach - i saw another practitioner in Mexico city for 5 times the price!!!! So - very happy with the amount of money spent to be sure.

Really nice normal people, great facilities.
I also felt that perhaps the result wasn’t what I wanted in the first while - remember - this needs time. In just a few days there is definitely a distinct difference and yes it’ll continue over time. I think some people with different metabolism are going to experience varied results.

Did cool sculpting on chin about 6 months ago - outstanding. in comparison to what was - very good. So i believe with time these results will also prove to be AMAZING. Wait for a few weeks - it’ll show more.

Getting more injections in the coming days. Excited.



My wife and I visited the spa she participated in the cool sculpting while I had a massage, both were disappointing, The location is at the very end of fifth Avenue where the area starts to get sketchy, inside the location is very cramped and dated, I asked for a deep tissue massage and it was more like a back rub, the attendant had no ideal of what she was doing , they use Chiness cool sculpting machines , the coverage area is much smaller than the Zeltic machine that is the standard of the industry.

a rewarding treat during your stay

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