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Mexico reveals its newly-discovered underground river: Very few places in the world boast conditions that make it possible to witness the extraordinary beauty of an underground river. Rio Secreto is a fantastic journey into a unique system of underground rivers and ancient caverns that reveals both the astonishing interaction of time within the interior of our planet and the miraculous existence of our lives. Come and experience this magical journey with us on your next vacations in Mexico.
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Emily R

10/10 would recommend!

We took this tour as a cruise excursion through Norwegian. It was definitely our favorite stop if the trip! This is a really incredible and unique experience and I would highly recommend anyone add it to their vacation plans! It is really incredible. Our guide, Hector, was fantastic.
Some info I wish I knew ahead of time:
-Excursions on a cruise take a lot longer than necessary simply because you are waiting for so many other people all the time. We were split into five subgroups from the ship but we still did a lot of waiting for the other groups. Moving as a smaller group to maximize our stop in Mexico would have been the only improvement to our trip there. Traveling with 6-8 is a lot easier than 24!
-The water isn’t warm! It’s not freezing but do not expect bath water. We purchased shoes ahead of time not knowing we’d be offered them with the wetsuits. That’s probably information lacking from Norwegian, though.
-Don’t bother with sunscreen or bug spray etc etc before you go because you have to shower ahead of time to keep the water as clean as possible.
-A meal is provided at the end of the tour. The food was probably our favorite that we had the entire cruise.
-You can’t bring your phone/camera. I think this is completely reasonable as the tour would take way, way longer if you were waiting on tourists that are taking pictures around every corner. There’s also always the threat of dropping it and that would cause a whole other set of issues.
With that, they do have the photographer following and capturing photos but they are only digital copies and were overpriced, IMO. I believe the first picture was $25. I’d be willing to pay a little more for the excursion for access to a digital album or something.
-Wearing jewelry wasn’t recommended but the guides never checked us for it. At the end of the tour you can see everything that’s been found in the caves and it’s very clear that people lose a lot of things to the cave gods. Just take it all off before you go.
Scott R

The best cave I’ve ever seen

Such a great tour. Honestly felt like something out of a nat geo documentary (which it was). Unbelievable caves, massive, crystal clear water. Unforgettable, highly recommended. A lot of the credit goes to an amazing tour guid Adrian. He was so fun and willing to share his expansive knowledge.
andrea g

great time

we had a very nice day. Jorge en Johnny thank you very much for you guidance it was fantastic.
greetings from Andrea and Reza.

Rio Secreto: amazing!

Rio Secreto is not one to be missed! We tried booking the Wild but our kids were too young (10/12) would have loved to spend more time there but the tour we did do was excellent. Our guide Mitch was FABULOUS. Funny, charismatic, knowledgeable, and patient. Navigating the waters was a little tricky in some spots for our youngest, but we stuck to the back of the tour and were able to better assist him without bothering others.

The caves themselves do get a little claustrophobic in some spots. We were not prepared for this but it was only 3-5 minutes so we got through it ok.

They serve you from the buffet afterwards and they are very heavy handed. We felt bad not being able to finish all our food I wish they would have given us less. Other than that the day was amazing and we would definitely recommend adding it to your Mexico bucket list.
Javiera P

Amazing adventure!!

Just a magical place! Feel the life and mystery in to this amazing underground cave. Our guide Benito was amazing he knew a loooot, and he knows very well each corner of this huge place. Is a MUST GO in Riviera maya

Mich is the man!

Amazing experience exploring the secret river. Had a very personable and fun time with Mich as our tour guide. His delightful humor and knowledge made the excursion 100% better. This cenote experience was like none other and highly recommend.
Chelsea Redd


Karina was the best tour guide. She was so professional and took great care of us. Thank you for the great time!
Neda K


our guid was great for the tour and the cave was spectacular, but after the tour i paid 50 USD for two photos of me in the cave (they don’t allow cameras in the cave), they gave me a link and a code, but the photos never showed up in the link. I contacted them twice about it and no response.
Karina jordan

An unbelievable experience exploring the caves

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