Restaurante El Primo, Huatulco


🌏 Sector L Lote 3, Manzana 10, Huatulco 70989 Mexico (View map)

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👆 Web ⏳ 23-01-2020

Amazing value and variety of excellent, home-cooked Mexican food

My husband and I spend several months living right next door to El Primo and at least once or twice a week we have lunch with El Primo. The food is ALWAYS delicious, generous portions, very reasonable and always a variety of options. The food is central Mexican rather than Oaxacan, not too spicey and friendly service
👆 Web ⏳ 15-03-2019

Hidden Gem: Local Family Operated Restaurant

We stumbled across this out of the way family restaurant while walking from our casa in sector N to La Crucecita, Hautulco, Oaxaca. This restaurant can be very easily missed as it is behind a chain link fence next to the Plaza del Rosario and an adjoining parking lot. Use Google maps and type in Taqueria el Primo and enjoy this little hidden gem. It is a family operation and the menu is superb. On the one occasion we stopped by I had the hamburguesa c/papas y tocino @ $45.00 pesos and my wife the same without the tocino @ $40.00 pesos. Along with a Coca Cola @ $18.00 pesos the total bill was $113.00 pesos and with tip “la Propina” $130.00 pesos. This was a bargain lunch. We are going back for further meals.

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