Restaurant Lung Mon, Tijuana


🌏 Paseo Pedregal #655, Tijuana 22200 Mexico (View map)

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 26-06-2019

Best Chinese in Playas

We moved out there from Mexicali which most would argue has the best Chinese food in Mexico due to the large Chinese population that settled there after helping construct the railroad in California but this spot in Playas is right up there or maybe even better than most spots in Mexicali good jobs guys
Steven H
👆 Mobile ⏳ 04-05-2016

Chinese food

WOW a nice clean restaurant,it was full of diners enjoying their food. We ordered beef and vegetable plate. My god our order was huge and delicious. Most of all, I couldn’t believe the price was $7:00 US. Plus we took home two servings of our dinner.
👆 Web ⏳ 27-04-2016

Lung Moon Playas! It give me great Pleasure to ad this great Restaurant to Trip Advisor!

For Years I have Taken countless friends and Family Members to this great Chinese Restaurant in Playas De Tijuana! The Service is always great! and the Food is Excellent! I have been Eating here at Lung Mon Playas for at least 20 Years! Lun Mon Playas is Just Past the Commercial Mexicana Behind the Carl’s Jr. on Paseo Pedrigal across the street from the OXXO. Enjoy!

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