Reserva Ecologica Nanciyaga


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💵 MX$944 - MX$1,803

🌏 Carretera Coyame KM 7, Catemaco 95870 Mexico (View map)

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Libertad Vallejo
⏳ 08-2019

Pretty good for conect with Nature

Spectacular! Is a great place to conect with the Nature. The activities are very didactic. The cabin in middle of the jungle is a good experience. Try the temazcal. The restaurant is very tasty try the packages are better and less expensive .
⏳ 09-2016

Mystic place

We came for one night only and it was a pity as I can imagine to stay longer. This is a unique place in a little preserved jungle with special spirit of old Olmecs traditions and culture. We recommend to take a guided tour around to understand everything. Meeting a real shaman was unforgettable experience. We slept in a wooden cottage that had just basic equipment. Water is there but toilets are shared by all guests. You can hear in a night voices of jungle: parrots, monkeys and other friends living around :-) we are glad that there places like Nanciyaga on the world and we wish them to keep their spirit and to become commercialized.
Drew T
⏳ 11-2014


I was here for 5 days & nights but back in December 2005. I wasn’t online much then, nor did I know that TripAdvisor existed. Now that’s all changed, allow me to recommend this gem of a place to you. My then girlfriend and I stayed here as part of a 3 week road trip, with Palenque being the main destination. We loved Nanciyaga so much we booked an extra day and night before heading off to the ruins. Catemaco lagoon is, by British standards, a massive lake. It’s interspersed by an array of uninhabited islands. Uninhabited except by monkeys that decades ago were brought to the area for experimental purposes. You can take a motorboat that circles some of these islands. It’s just great to be on the serene water. However, the resort supplies kayaks, paddles and life jackets free of charge and you're free to explore the water independently, which we did every day. We saw only one crocodile while kayaking, and it kept its distance. Much of southern Mexico is rain forest so expect to see and hear a wide variety of wildlife all around. The diversity of flora and fauna is also something to behold. Incredibly lush and abundant in life force. There are a small number of wooden cabins to suit singles, couple and small families, and each is comfortable enough, including a personal veranda, hammock and meshed windows and doors to keep the GIANT mosquitos out where they belong. We had a cabin that was on stilts, in the water. At night time, you'll be delighted to fall asleep or meditate to a veritable symphony of nature. The nocturnal ones are just as tuneful as the rest. The on-site restaurant was well-managed, with great hospitality and service, excellent menu and high quality ingredients. It was really delicious and there was no problem to have seconds. I loved my morning coffee made from Mexican beans and served in traditional clay mugs. I believe this material brings out the flavours more. I highly recommend the mud treatment. Get covered from head to toe in an extremely 'nutritious' mud that's sourced right from the earth the resort sits on, sit in the sun to allow it to dry and then plunge into a natural fresh water pool to wash it off. What a treat! My skin glowed for a week afterwards. There's a traditional temascal, or sweat lodge on site, too, and your session will be guided by someone who knows what they're doing. Very cleansing and purifying to body, mind and spirit. This is the place for honeymoons or a spiritual retreat. If you visit Palenque then you might as well come here too, perhaps if you're also planning to continue eastwards towards Yucatan. All in all, Nanciyaga is reasonably priced and something not to be missed if in the Chiapas area. It will forever be in my heart with fondness and deeply happy memories. …
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