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Location / Nearby Raiz Lucida


Raíz Lúcida Gallery / Modern & Contemporary Art Painting, sculpture and jewelry of diverse contemporary artists, mostly Mexicans. The catalog that Lucid Root shows, reminds us of the cultural richness of the peoples, who hold and flourish thanks to the expression of their artists. With a wide range of means, styles and techniques that generate a rich content which reflects the great cultural and artistic diversity of Mexico, which has always been characterized by its wealth; from pre-Hispanic art to contemporary art.
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Image Raiz Lucida

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Jardin Secreto

Newest gallery in San Miguel

Great space. Unusual art not seen anywhere else in SMA. A mix of Mexican roots (Raiz) and abstract. Very interesting.

New Gallery in San Miguel representing fabulous artists!

2 room great new Gallery, right on Zacatero between Umaran and Pila Seca, few blocks from the Jardin. Paintings, sculpture, prints, all very beautiful and affordable too!!! Very friendly Gallery owners too! It is in one of the hottest blocks in town, filled with new restaurants, Interior designers stores, galleries, great street!

Great new art gallery in San Miguel!

We attended the opening of this new gallery last week. There are several artists’ for sale there - oil, acrylic, and mixed materials, and a very special sculptor’s works - Renato. The works were refreshingly original. Two of the artists were there an we were able to talk to them about their work. All of the artists are Mexican.

And, it is a beautiful space. Located close to the center on Zacateros street, it is a must see for anyone with even a light interest in art!
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