Qin Oriental Food, Zapopan


🌏 Avenida Guadalupe # 1573 Chapalita Oriente, Zapopan 45040 Mexico (View map)

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Scott W
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 11-06-2019

Great Chinese Food in Guadalajara

Visited the Plaza Patria location, up on the "roof" of the mall. Had the Kung Pao Chicken and Orange Chicken. Also enjoyed a spring roll with meat. I must say, totally surprised by the flavor. Expected US-style Chinese food that you would find in a mall. (If you can find a mall anymore.) The Kung Pao was really good. Spicy, loaded with fresh vegetables. The Orange Chicken, while not usually something I enjoy, was also delicious. Not too sweet or too orange flavored. Kind of perfect. Rice was cooked perfectly with good flavor. The spring roll was good, though it could have been more crispy. Still, I enjoyed it. The service was also excellent and portions were tremendous. I will return, probably soon.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 08-01-2017

Best Chinese Fast Food in town by far!

No doubt the best option if you are looking for chinese fast food. They bring high restaurant flavors to your fast food options. Their orange chicken is a classic. You can see in their food court establishments long lines looking for this dish. For me is a fenomenon that in Guadalajara people is able to make a long line to eat anything different that mexican food. This is the case. Their restaurant in Av Guadalupe is a beautifull place to enjoy this nice fast food in a relaxed enviroment. They have a good variety of dishes including seasonal options. Great chinese option in Guadalajara
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 05-08-2016

Excellent in every way

This is fast food Chinese restaurant, but they go the extra mile to be excellent, food is as fresh as it could be, ingredients are delivered daily, chef is perfect every time, serving portions are more than enough, service is always pristine, Qin sets the bar as the restaurant to beat for any fast food restaurant, or even for regular restaurant. Monthly dishes are also great and new. Just go. And taste the good quality.

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