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Kathy P

Charming, Beautiful and real Mexico

A charming, beautiful, authentic Mexican plaza to sit, enjoy and people watch. Stopped in here for lunch and a cultural experience during a Bike Mexico tour. People are awesome, town is a real gem. Please stop and check it out.
David D

Charming place to visit

Friday 13th April and we visited Mascota as part of our Vallarta Adventures cultural tour, Pueblos Magicos.

Having visited the "Unfinished Church" from there it was a short walk down the wide cobbled street, with is large grand houses, we were fortunate that our Guide was able to take us inside to the courtyard of one of these wonderful houses.

We soon arrived at the Plaza Principal in Mascota, the central hub of town. One of the most striking buildings there is another church Basilica de la Virgen de los Dolores (reviewed separately). There is a metal bandstand/gazebo in the centre surrounded by the small gardens and stone seating and the dramatic backdrop with the mountains behind.


Love to sit here and watch people coming and going. Lots of activity to include watching things before sold on the street. It’s a great place to hear the church bells.
Salvador Z

Beautiful location

It’s the only one plaza in the world with octagonal shape and allows people walk in circles arround it. The kiosk and the clocks of the tower were brought from Paris around 1800.

Nice Town

We stopped by because it is a Pueblo Magico in Mexico. We briefly stopped by and strolled around the plaza. We had coffee in a small shop by the plaza.
Andrea G

A Geat Central PLaza

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