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Location / Nearby Playa Palancar Cozumel Beach Club


The most wonderful thing about Playa Palancar is that it feels like a private beach. It is quieter than most beaches in Cozumel and presents both a great diversity of activities and a peaceful environment. Order a Margarita in one of the beach bars. The seafood here is fabulous. Try the local specialties: the Ceviche, a seafood dish marinated in citrus juice with chili, and the fillet with the garlic sauce, a grilled fish with garlic. When you're in the mood for a little activity, rent a snorkel gear and swim from the beach, or take a snorkeling tour at a distance from the nearby reefs or "el cielo" beach On the beach there is a wide variety of water activities available, such as kayaking by the sea, Paddle board or take a parachute tour.​
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Image Playa Palancar Cozumel Beach Club

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Jill P

Amazing beach with friendly employees!

One of the best experiences during my recent 9-day stay on beautiful Cozumel island. I rented a bicycle and toured the island, stopping here and there for a swim or just to lay on the beach. This was one of the most beautiful places I happened upon. Amazing beach with friendly employees! Enjoy!!!
Jack G

Relaxing beach

We have visited this club multiple times on previous trips. The best and most affordable way to get there would be renting a car or jeep.

The club offers a very nice beach. The sand is clear and the water is warm.

Note that you will be charged $10 for two chairs and an umbrella if you desire a front row spot.

Their food is good and they offer a relaxing massage table that is semi private.

It seemed to get busier in the afternoon when the snorkel boats dropped off passengers.

I highly encourage to take cash in small denominations.

We stayed until early afternoon and then drove around the island and went to downtown before hopping back on the cruise ship.
Teresa G


Absolutely stunning beach. Crystal clear water and soft golden sand. Too hot to sit in the sun, but there is a great beach club, where the waiter service was fantastic. Amazing day out.

Crystal clear water!!

A must if you are in Cozumel. Just take the taxi as soon as you disembark from the ferry. It is a 30 minutes drive. They will let you in as long as you eat here, which by the way, its delicious!
I do recommend coming here early as it gets crowded.

Good place without an entrance fee!

As we went touring the island in a scooter found this place that does not have a charge to get in. Just at least a consumption of a beer each(easy). We parked the scooter and proceed to the bar grab two beers and to the beach went. Water crystal clear, warm and soft sand-paradise!!
We also ordered two ceviches. We had a picture taken(sell you at the end before you leave), but nice.
The place has a bar/restaurant, loungers, gift shops and restrooms and showers to use.
Great place!!
Sharon F

Playa Palancar

Finally visited Playa Palancar after hearing others recommend it to us. If you are looking for a place to hang out with a beach scene and lots of other vacationers, this is your beach. If however, you are looking for a great place to snorkel, this is NOT the place. If you are looking for snorkeling we recommend driving a few extra miles to either Sky Reef or Corona Beach.
Ana M

A Must Stop

Great place to grab a great lunch and then a dip. The staff is excellent. Not to be missed or overlooked the water is stunning.

Amazing beach

We visited 2 beaches at this time and this one was the best. Long Beach + sea like a swimming poll + blue water and warm.
Pls rent a moto or car.

Amazing beach

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