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Decorated square platform

This square platform is located at the beginning of the path leading to the Sacred Cenote.
It’s around 3 m high with a central staircase leading to a flat platform and therefore assumed it served for ceremonial purposes held there.
Side walls have beautiful carvings with snakes and jaguar heads.

Need a guide

There are some Nic reliefs on the temple but without an explanation or guide book they may be difficult to interpret.

@ Chichen Itza

This is another beautiful ruin at the Chichen Itza complex. Due to where it is positioned in the plaza, it is thought to have been a ceremonial site. It is easy to imagine someone standing atop it giving a speech...I am curious how it is connected with the area of echo in the lawn...Chichen Itza is a must visit.

Go early, avoid the crowds

If you are a photographer visit the ruins either early in the day when the park opens at 8:00 am or later in the afternoon before closing as it’s very busy during the main part of the day when the tourist busses come.

A small piece of Mayan history

If lucky your tour guide may bring you here and offer some interesting information about this place. It is very close (a few minutes walk) from El Castillo and thus is a must see due to its convenience in proximity.

Square platform north of El Castillo

The Plataforma de Venus (Venus Platform), one of the ruins in the Chichen Itza site is located north of the stunning El Castillo (The Castle) pyramid. It is the square platform that stands right at the beginning of the road that leads to the Cenote Sagrado (Sacred Cenote). Three out of four sides are fairly well-preserved showing a central staircase flanked by serpent heads near the top; side panels feature wall carvings. If you want to see some chacmool sculptures up-close, there is one on the grounds next to the Venus Platform and another one near the Skull Platform.
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