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The Birth Of A Pearl -From Past to Present- Interactive talk about the importance of pearls in our regional history. From The Queen Calafia & the acient Californios until today. The lab Learn all about pearl production, the culture methods and living organisms like pearl oysters and accompanying versatile sea life such as crabs, sea urchins, starfish, fish and much more. Visit our jewelry store.
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Tanja J

Pearl farm family visit

We visited the Pearl farm during our stay in La Paz and it was such an interesting experience and visit. Dr Carlos Caceres, the founder of the pearl farm. welcomed us, and together with Hector, one of his guide, we spent a very informative and interesting morning at the farm. Not only did we learn a lot about the history of the area, the art of modern day pearl farming, we also learned about the coral reed project the farm is actively working on. The team is re-growing corals on a special sea garden, that then are transferred out onto the local reefs in order to help re-grow, populate and maintain the reefs. The passion and enthusiasm that go into the pearl farm and coral project are amazing.
Our 12 year old loved to learn everything about pearl farming and we really had a fantastic visit.
Brooks H

Wonderful tour and shopping!

100% would recommend a visit to Perlas de La Paz. The gift shop is amazing by itself, but if you have time, I would suggest you also take a tour. Carlos gave a wonderful history of pearls in Baja California along with a detailed explanation of the process of growing and harvesting the pearls (in English). Next time I will be sure to bring my bathing suit so I can swim out to see the coral farm as well. Yes, they are working on growing coral to help bring back some of the coral reefs in Baja! Take the time to visit!

A truly delightful and fascinating experience

A highly educational and informative tour with dedicated and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend spending a few hours with Dr. Carlos Caceres Martinez, his charming daughter Julianna, Omar, and the rest of the professional staff, at this fascinating pearl production laboratory on the Sea of Cortez. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at the facility, located on the picturesque shoreline of Pichilingue outside of La Paz. I was immediately impressed with the enthusiasm, expertise, and true passion for their work that Carlos and his staff demonstrate throughout the tour. I learned a great deal of fascinating history regarding the unique pearls in this area and their historical significance. I gained new insight on how the pearl oyster is collected from birth, nurtured, matured, implanted, protected, and in time, if all goes well, produces a lovely pearl! The pearls are then harvested for use in a variety of products which are available in the gift shop there. There is a small collection of gorgeous pearl jewelry to view which is also available to purchase The price of the tour may seem high, about $45.00 US. However, considering the complex, labor intensive, time consuming process of pearl production, and the commendable efforts the staff makes to protect and restore the amazing coral reef and the sea life in the area, I felt the money was well spent. Take the tour, and I am sure you will feel the same.
tom b

A Surprising Surprise

A friend surprised 6 of us with a tour of Perlas de La Paz. If you want something different in your La Paz visit, I’d highly recommend a tour here. You’ll learn the origins, the history and changes in the pearl industry in the Sea of Cortez. You’ll watch the seeding of oysters, see how they’re handled and grown in the waters adjacent to this small laboratory-clean facility. The explanations throughout your visit are detailed and all questions are answered enthusiastically. English is spoken very well. Your guide will be passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. You’ll go you’ll be glad you visited.

Amazing Day with Ocean Creatures!

This was an amazing day, I cannot recommend this tour enough...everyone was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Baja California’s history, the life in the Gulf of California and of course - oysters! You get to see each step of the long process of oyster growth and pearl farming. Additionally, the group has a project to grow Elegant Coral and transplant it into the Gulf of California. There is so much to learn and experience here!

Pearls in La Paz

Probably not too many people know about this place and it’s a shame because it’s definitely a hidden gem of La Paz. There are many things to do around La Paz as it’s a truly amazing area of Mexico, but if you are up for something unique you must visit Perlas del Crotez.

You need to schedule the tour (we did via their phone number listed here) at least a day in advance so they can pull the clams from the water for the "presentation" process - it’s an extremely informative and educational experience and all of the people working there are very knowledgeable in their craft.

The cost is 850 MX peso per person so about $35-40 USD per person depending on the current exchange rate, credit cards are accepted. You can also purchase pearls and "half-pearls" (the latter was something new to me, pretty interesting concept) after the whole walk through process presentation and historical background about Pearls in La Paz and their cultural significance. Tours are offered both in English or Spanish.

Everything is cleaned every step of the way and sanitation for COVID are held to a very high standard if that is your concern during these unusual times.

They are actually working on restoring the local coral reef and in the future there is a plan that visitors will be able to take a part of excursion where each person will be able to "plant" a new coral in the farm along the shore - brilliant idea!

TIP: The parking is on the spot behind the walls of the seafront property - the location is pretty unique as it’s in a very industrial area where huge barges have their port so if you think you aren’t going the right direction just be patient and you will arrive at the right place :)
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