Palapa La Preza, San Ignacio


🌏 Highway 1 Next to the Oasis, San Ignacio Mexico (View map)

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This is a newer restaurant/bar in San Ignacio, BCS, Mexico. It is located next to the oasis (left side of the road as you head toward the plaza from highway 1). Serves Mexican and American food
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Image Palapa La Preza, San Ignacio

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👆 Web ⏳ 22-05-2012

The best place to eat in San Ignacio!

Palapa La Preza has the best food in San Ignacio! Jorge (the owner/host/bartender/amazing guy!) offers his guests only the best food, service, and atmosphere. Palapa La Preza is to just before the oasis (and on the left side of the road) as you are heading toward the Plaza, from Highway 1. A great new restaurant! I was happy to discover it this year!! They have Mexican and American food... A little something for everyone. The portions are just the right size... The prices were awesome for the amount of food you get with your order! Wonderfully situated next to the oasis, it is a great place for a meal! Jorge even has a couple of kayaks and a paddle boat for use on the oasis - The perfect way to work up an appetite. Don’t take my word for it - Go try Palapa La Preza for yourself! I ate here many times during my stay. Definitely the best restaurant in San Ignacio. Jorge also makes a killer margarita!

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