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Location / Nearby Our Lady of the Rosary (Nuestra Señora del Rosario)

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Image Our Lady of the Rosary (Nuestra Señora del Rosario)

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Stacey C

Birding in and Around San Blas

Unadultered authentic Nayarit small lovely friendliest town. People relaxed, happy and helpful at every turn. Food exquisite and favorite eating was on the broad street leading in and out if town near the hill up to the Condaturia.
Accommodations intimate, immaculate, gardened thoroughly and best bug pool For laps which I seemed to have to myself. Birding probably the best dense (!) ever of Pacific given our pretty small sphere of travel ( up into mountains, down along shore but not in breath of Kilometres). We are already planning a hearty return next year.

Interesting Ruin

This ruined church is not far from the old fort and frankly much more interesting. Great for brooding atmospheric photos.
Malcolm C

San Blas

A typical old Mexican town, but San Blas has an interesting History, Ship building and the original New Spain west coast destination point for the Asian Treasure ship crossing the Pacific with goods from Asia. The Manila Treasure ship would unload in San Blas with goods stored for transshipment by road to Veracruz, for transfer to sip again for the journey across the Atlantic to Seville, Spain. During the Mexican war of Independence, Don Jose de la Cruz, the governor of New Galicia had boats built in San Blas and dragged overland to Lake Chapala where he was involved in a local war with Peasant troops who had fortified Mascala Island, Lake Chapala. Twice he had boat pulled up from San Blas and twice the rebels sank them. The rebels eventually were given a pardon by Spain, and Rome an unprecedented act. The poem "the Bells of San Blas" by Longfellow was written about the old Church, but it seems that Longfellow did not visit. It is a jem of History if you do your homework first.

Part of the San Blas experience

This church on the hill top built in 1769 is very impressive. It has been somewhat restored, but there is no body there, very quiet and private. Entry ticket is a dollar. It is hard to imagine that a few hundred years ago this was a thriving suburb of the seaport of San Blas. You can walk there from the bridge over the estuary, or take a taxi for 3 dollars from anywhere in town. (Ride up and walk back down). While there, continue on to the ruins of the Contaduria. Only a few hundred metres away and the view of San Blas is great. Be sure to take insect repellent
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