Oaxaca en Mexico, Mexico City


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🌏 Luis Moya 59, Mexico City 06050 Mexico (View map)

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 28-04-2020

Hidden Gem

We stumbled in here on a whim after walking for miles all over the downtown area. My mom and I ordered enchiladas and asked for them to be vegetarian not knowing what to expect. My dad and boyfriend ordered the chicken enchiladas. We asked for something spicy to go with them, and when all the food was brought out (by our super friendly waiter), we were greeted by delicious smells and beautifully plated food. I’ve never had mole this good. My mom was a little upset it was mole (since all the mole she’s ever tried she didn’t like), until she took a bite. It was the best mole we’ve ever had, and she’s a mole-convert now! My dad and boyfriend raved about the chicken enchiladas, but let me tell you... Not one of us could stop talking about the arbol sauce. We bought some to take home with us it was so good. It doesn’t taste spicy at first, but we saw the waiter rushing back with glasses of water for us after he left the table. It sneaks up on you in the best of ways! Definitely ask for their Arbol sauce and if you get the recipe, be sure to send it to me! I crave it every day. There was a live musician playing beautiful Mexican music, and everyone was friendly. Can’t recommend enough and every time I return to Mexico City, this will be one of my stops.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 07-01-2020

Mole, Mole, Mole

You might walk by and think that this is a place for locals only, and I would say keep it that way, except that the food was very tasty (and in a homemade kind of way) and I would love it if they got all the tourist business they can get; our choices where the Oaxaca tamale (with mole negro), the mole negro chicken enchiladas and the pollo frito; these where delicious and the mole negro is what I had hoped for; I think that you could make an argument that there are places more "fancy" in CDMX with attention paid to a more "refined" mole negro palate (i.e. for mole snobs of which I am sure there are many out there), but nonetheless, this should not disappoint - good service too!
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 21-01-2018

Treated Generously, Truly Great Mole, Wonderful Experience

It was a bit of a walk from my hotel, but WELL worth it (and I could have Ubered, but I love to walk). The food/drink is very reasonably priced (couldn’t touch the value in Santa Fe, my home), excellent, and served up by non-English speaking, by very helpful and kind wait staff. I’ll be back in Mexico City in two weeks, and the only thing that will keep me from repeating the experience is the lure of so many other restaurants and limited time. I promise you won’t be sorry you’ve dined at Oaxaca en Mexico, if you do.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 21-07-2016

Oaxaca, great to experience Mexico

Great City with all you can expect from a culture that has archeology, music, traditions, fooood, Mezcal, art, crafts, great people, scenery, pyramids, places to visit, walk, hike, dine, shop, take pictures, smell and discover, whatever I say won’t do!!! If you like to see and meet new cultures don’t miss it....beautiful and friendly
Ross H
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 07-06-2016

Great oaxacan food

Started here on a walking food tour of Mexico City. Great place to start...would never have found it otherwise. Molle here is fantastic
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 04-03-2016

Very clean with a European feel.

The colors of the buildings are bright and provide candy for the eyes. It is also a very clean city, well layed out to get around easily. The plaza is nice with an amazing cathedral!

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