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Ray H

IF You have a Choice.......

If you have a choice between Bellas Artes and the Museo Soumaya (Carso Plaza), PLEASE, do yourself a favor and go to the Soumaya.

Yes, Bellas Artes is in a beautiful building. Yes, it is fairly cheap to enter (80 MXN). Yes, the murals are by famous Mexican Artists. (Mostly communists, judging by their "art" but still famous). The day we went, the elevator was out of service and there must be a gazillion stairs, not fun when you are old and fat. This is probably the only place I have ever been where I really wanted my money back.

Museo Soumaya is FREE to enter, not even a donation box. It has stairs, ramps and functioning elevators. You could spend an entire day on each floor, so come early. The exhibits are magnificent and abundant.

This is one of two must see museums in Mexico City

This is a fabulous place for many reasons. The building itself with its stainglass ceiling is architecturally stunning. You can spend an hour or more just studying it inside and out. Outside, the plaza is often packed so watchful. Inside the murals are stunning but often just as interesting or more are the temporary exhibits. In February we saw the close week of a Zapata exhibit which was extremely interesting and even included a controversial painting. Finally the cafe downstairs is wonderful. A must visit museum.

Mural magic

These murals by Mexican artists are an extraordinarily display of Mexican life and history. This was a highlight of my visit to Mexico city.

Not to be missed!

Museo Del Palacio de Belles Artes
Cash only $70 Mx pp
We paid on the first floor and we thought this covered the museum.... we didn’t realize there was a second museum on the 3rd floor.
The beauty of the Palacio is hard to put words to. Stained glass domed ceiling. Paintings by Julia Codesido, Dolores Velazquez Rivas, and many more.

Huge Murals (listing only a few there are more)
*Allegory of Wind or Angel of Aviation By Roberto Montenegro 1928
*Catharsis to the eternal fight for humanity for a better world by Jose Orozco 1934-1935
*Political Carnival of Mexican Life by Diego Rivera 1936 (series of murals)
*New Democracy by David Alfara Siquerieros 1944

Many items on exhibit from the 85th celebration. Imported Italian marble used throughout. Art Deco style with a Mexican flair....So much history...

Huge bookstore on the 1st floor mostly in Spanish but some books in English too.

We arrived at 10:30am and when we left there was a huge line to get in, I would definitely recommend going early.
betty l

Absolute Must Visit

I wasnt able to enter the museum because it opens a bit late and my airport pick up was early but I managed to get a photo of the magnificent exteriors.

This is an absolute must visit in Mexico CIty.

Mexico City Jewel

This is one of the best museum in the world. Very large works of art by Diego and other Mexican artist. Some of Diego’s art work will blow your mind. I really enjoy the beautiful decor and I absolutely highly recommend this place. Mexico City has the most museums in the world and you will enjoy them and their spectacular art displays.

Gorgeous building with murals

Loved our visit here. It was free on Sunday though we gladly would have paid. Large murals of Diego Rivera and others.
raymond c

Gorgeous building with murals

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