Museo de Sitio de Cholula

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Small but worth a stop

Museo de Sitio de Cholula is small but has a model showing what the pyramid may have looked like and some replicas of the frescoes.
Paulina R

A must in Cholula

The museum offers different exhibitions showcasing the art, history, and culture of the region with the help of animations and a 360 degree movie.

A must

Amazing museum. I didn’t expect such a complete and well maintained museum in Cholula. The collection is interesting and informative. You don’t need to spend a lot of time but definitely worth it.
Matthew G

This is actually Museo Regional Cholula

Just opened in January 2017, the Cholula Regional Museum should be at the top of your sightseeing list. Excellent Pre-Colombian collection, Mexican folk art, sacred art, all housed on beautiful, expansive grounds. Well worth several hours, especially if you lunch at their on site restaurant. Wheelchair accessible.

Brilliant collection and exquisite repurposing

This museum is next to the Ruins and offers multimedia presentations on the geology of the Puebla-Tlaxcala Valley. The history of the area and its Maya Toltec Aztec and post colonial times is exhibited in the several hospital white out buildings that made up the asylum. New architecture graces the site with more display, meeting and eating spaces.
Javier Guerrero Veraza

From psychiatric hospital to museum

The place was a psychiatric hospital during the XX century but now it was rebuild to host the Museo de Sitio de Cholula.

The new building preserve the architecture of the original place, but holds a totally new interiors that mix legends, history, a collection of pieces found in Cholula, and digital experiences.

The building is beautiful and it is a very nice experience to walk from building to building, among the gardens.

The restoration was excellent so it is possible to have a very good idea about the place during the psychiatric days. It is been said the Liz Taylor and Freddie Mercury was internals once here. But the place looks very nice and during the night, is you walk in Cholula, the illumination adds to the church on top of the pyramid and the view is superb.

It takes about two hours to visit the museum, and I suggest to do it first, before enter the tunnels of the pryramid, since the exit of the tunnels end at the other side of the pyramid.
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