Mui Ramen Bar, San Miguel de Allende


💵 MX$1,874 - MX$4,165

🌏 Aldama 53 St Inside the Hotel Matilda, San Miguel de Allende 37700 Mexico (View map)

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About us

MÜI Ramen Bar, turns into a spectacular ramen menu designed by chef Paul Bentley.
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Image Mui Ramen Bar, San Miguel de Allende

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👆 Web ⏳ 07-06-2021

Hidden Gem (Now that´s why there are no reviews in TA!!!!)

So, my wife and I got the chance to get our son nannied, and I decided that I wanted to eat a good bowl of ramen. Of course being Japanese-Mexican, I was looking forward to this place, but with a certain degree of "I know how it´s going to be... It will be meh" attitude. BUT, this place proved me wrong. From Jon the talented bartender, who attended us from the point we were there, to the great waiter (we did not ask his name, but has worked for many years in another Japanese restaurant), all in all, the place made us feel in a tropical out of pueblito, place, where I enjoyed A LOT their ramen. The only thing I would truly ask them, is to please get some Hichimi Togarashi (which is a MUST for ramen, although, their in-house RAYU was impressive), and the "chirirenge" or spoon for ramen. Also, as I mentioned to the person who was in the lobby, the ramen should be HOT for Asians like me... lol. All in all, it is a must place if you are a RAMEN LOVER as I am. Kudos to the architect, designer, GM, waiters, etc., that made this place possible. I will come back. P.S. I say "I understand why there are no reviews in TA, because I would not want this place to get crowded and have not place for me when I come back.

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