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A Wonderous Kaleidoscope of Colors and Textures

Visiting marketplaces is one of my favorite things to do. This market is exquisite. The sites, sounds, aromas and variety of produce and products is a delight.
John P

Good for food and flowers

The smell of flowers here is overwhelming and the variety is extraordinary most produced within Mexico. Fruit here is terrific too and the market is not too crowded so you can make your way round very comfortably.
Saibal S

Great Mexican market to understand the local culture and food

We came here with our guide and this is the right place to begin an introduction to Mexican culture. Wide variety of food, groceries, useful tools/utensils for home, craft, etc. We learned about corn, chili, mole, etc..

Huge flower market

This Mercado is outstanding, I have visited the Mercado serval times! The metro stop is at the market very close by. You’ll see flowe arrangements that are very creative. A unique experience!

Flower & Plant Market

A good market if you are looking for floral arrangements. It is a nice market to walk through away from the crowds.
Kevin A

A must-visit

Jamaica Market is a must-visit place in CDMX for anybody that wants out of the touristy places for even just a minute. You can find everything here. And if you are in town for anything more than a (long) layover, I definitely recommend picking up some flowers at unbeatable prices to spruce up your living space. The fruit and veggies are also of great quality, and there are plenty if great crafted goods as well. An amazing market, through and through.

great, colorful market

Went to Jamaica Market as part of a food tour. As others have said, this is the flower market, but it is so much more. It has all the typical stuff that you’d find in a municipal market like meats and produce. It has has really great prepared foods: a standout being green chorizo tacos at a stand near the balloons and pinatas. We had fantastic tepache near one of the entrances. (Sorry, I don’t know which place exactly, but there are big stands with awesome carnitas tacos.)

Even though we were there as part of a food tour, this market would be easy enough for a gringo like me to explore without a guide. I plan to return.
Rut S

great, colorful market

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