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Location / Nearby Malecón de Chetumal


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Image Malecón de Chetumal

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Scenic area to walk around

The malecon is a nice area to walk along and view the water. There are a couple of prominent landmarks, such as the Chetumal sign and Mexico sign near the ferry terminal that are good for photos. There are also interesting murals of the Mayan gods along the road to the ferry terminal that are worth viewing if you have an interest in Mayan Culture.

simple but pretty scenery

The Malecon is a simple and short pier, but the place is very pretty. From the pier you can get a boat to many islands and even cross the border to Belize. The palm trees around complete the tropical scenery and the whole region is clean.

Interesting & Historical Place to visit!

Ever since I found out about Chetumal I wanted to visit, and I found a lot more than what I expected. People around the whole Quintana Roo area are very hospitable, and willing to go the extra miles to help. Love the energy of the town, very interesting to be on that part of the country and listen to the locals and their town stories. It is also a safe place to go with your family. While in there you have to try their local dessert named La Marquesita, and the Machado. The seafood is very tasty, and we were so lucky that they have a fair going on while we were in town so it made our visit more enjoyable.

Fun Walk Especially in the Evening

After we ate dinner last night, we walked back to our hotel and walked almost 1/2 mile along here from Sam’s Club on. It was so beautiful and entertaining. Lots of food trucks, all selling something delicious though we had just eaten and didn’t buy anything. Kids around the statue in battery-powered cars, just people strolling and then we walked in on a spanish dance lesson! Kids on a stag learning native Mexican dances from the ages of, I would say 5-15. Lots of parents sitting on the benches watching and the kids were obviously having fun. Great teacher, too. He was fun and energized. Why don’t kids in the US have dance lessons that they can use for a lifelong time? One parent couple even got up and danced behind the rest of the kids and you could tell, they had taken the class years ago! FUN TIME on the Malecon de Chetumal!
Marco G

Nice walk

Really nice to walk on the seaside. Obviously forget to look into cristal clear water, it’a a lagoon. But in the day, as in the night, is nice to pass here.
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