Los Gaxpachos, Playa del Carmen


🌏 Calle 4 Entre Av 10 Y 15 Col Centro, Playa del Carmen 24154 Mexico (View map)

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Regula G
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 07-03-2014

Best fruit and vegetable juices ever

Up-lifting spirited Gustavo is serving the best fruit and vegetable juices ever, all freshly prepared upon order! And we are talking ONE liter of refreshing and delicious juice for the shown prices! During our holiday we always started our day with a visit to Los Gaxpachos before heading to the beach. One day we told Gustavo that we love tomato juice (not on his menu), the very next day he made some especially for us! Whatever sort of juice or combination of juices you love, name it and he will prepare it for you! A true gem we enthusiastically recommend to any juice loving person!
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 12-07-2013

Refreshing !!!!

You must visit this place, very friendly, very traditional for a place like playa del carmen, the most important full of life and flavors the best gazpachos are here, 100% fresh and natural, delicious you can not miss it, look for Gustavo the host , very professional and friendly
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 04-07-2013

Raw fruit and veggie juices. A real treat from all the indulgent foods in Playa.

I was in Playa this past may. After all the spicy foods and fried platters, this was a breath of fresh air and deliciousness! And it was right next to my hotel! Gustavo puts so much love into making these, that this RAW fruits and veggies place takes the trophy. For a delicious meal or snack, go see Gustavo. You will thank me. The gazpacho? Omg! To die for!
Lilia L
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 13-06-2013

Gazpacho with a Mexican twist

Being a vegetarian it is really difficult to find a nice Vegan place where you can have a small snack that is fresh and tasty. After a friend’s recommendation and being on holiday in Playa del Carmen, I went to Los Gaxpachos and fell absolutely in love with the place! As its name says it, Gazpacho is the place’s specialty! I’ve never tried such a delicious Gazpacho before! Not even in Spain! They have all kinds sweet, with exotic fruit and beautiful presented in the Mexican style: full with color and variety. The service is really good; people are friendly and help you out to choose. They also sell typical Mexican snacks like Corn, fruit with chili etc. I enjoyed the place very much so if you like Gazpacho, I totally recommend you Los Gaxpachos, Gazpachos with a Mexican twist.

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