La Tavola Restaurante Italiano, Mascota


⏰ 14:00 - 22:0014:00 - 22:00

πŸ’΅ MX$167 - MX$9,164

🌏 Calle Lopez Cotilla Centro 79, Mascota 46900 Mexico (View map)

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About us

Settled in the central courtyard of a sixteen-century hacienda in downtown Mascota, surrounded by a garden with an adobe pizza oven, La Tavola features a unique selection of Mexican and Vegan specialties, classic thin crust pizza, gluten-free available, mostly with homemade ingredients, a healthy fresh-juice bar, flavorful fermented drinks, selected to improve integral health, detox.
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Image La Tavola Restaurante Italiano, Mascota

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Catalina M
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 29-03-2018

Name change from Itake to La Tavola

Itake restaurant has changed its name to La Tavola. Still just as good, if not better. There's now a greater emphasis on Italian dishes. Check out their hotel rooms, too. Very comfy.

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