La Pestana, Torreon


⏰ 08:30 - 14:30

πŸ’΅ MX$104 - MX$208

🌏 Calzada Cuauhtemoc #1603 Nte., Torreon Mexico (View map)

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Breakfast, Lunch
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Image La Pestana, Torreon

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 23-02-2020

The best gorditas in la Laguna.

These are the best gorditas in the region and this is the best locations. Other locations are not as good, stick to this one. The asado is the best. On weekends the wait is long as they have large to go orders that take a lot of time but be patient, or go on a weekday.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 18-12-2018

Best Gorditas in Town

While visiting TorreΓ³n you got to try the traditional Gorditas. They are amazing. La PestaΓ±a is a tradition, they are not fast but really good.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 09-07-2018

This place is a MUST if you visit La Laguna

There is nothing more endemic to the region than some "gorditas" made with flour and stuffed with chicharron, scrambled eggs, beans, cheese or a great variety of stews and pot roasts. They are so used to people ordering to take them for travel, that when you ask, they pack them cold and ready for freezing and taking them on your flight. When you arrive, just put em in the fridge and reheat as needed.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 17-05-2016

Excellent easy food

This a mandatory food taste, you can choose between corn or wheat flour, and whatever filling available, from potato or beans to meat in different sauces. Usually like a heavy snack between early breakfast and late lunch.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 21-02-2016

A must in Torreon

For me it is an obligued visit to have a hearty breakfast made out corn or flour "Gorditas" a bast variety of feelings my favorites Gorditas de maiz con picadillo (Corn Gorditas filled with mince meat) Gordita de Harina con asada (Flour Gordita filled with a spicy meat) Fresh squeeze orange juice They open around 7:00 am an by 10:30am they are closed

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