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Location / Nearby Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca


The Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca exhibits hundreds of live plant species, all native to Oaxaca. Planting began in 1998 with plants coming from different regions in the state of Oaxaca; such as arid, humid, low tropical and high mountainous temperate zones. The garden represents the broad diversity of geological formations, types of vegetation and climates that characterize Oaxaca.
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Image Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca

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Crruption at it’s finest

This garden requires you wait in line for about 1 hour to get in because of CoVid. So I found this out on Thursday and arrived at 8:50 a. the next morning with my sister-in-law who has MS. I only mention her disease b/c it impacts this review--she has difficulty standing in lines for long periods of time.

The 10:00 entry time comes and we of course are at the front of the line.
They don’t let anyone in.

At 10:20 another guests asks when they will let us in. They say "We had a 10:00 group that we let in at 9:00.Now the next group is at 11:00.

BUT I was there at 9:00. There wasn’t another group. Instead the men at the gate took bribes from a group of people who were very well dressed, and then they made the rest of us wait 2 hours.


Didn’t even get inside

There is no way to get in if you don’t fit in the group of 15 people, which happens only twice a day, once in Spanish and once in English.
Probably it’s a lovely garden, but the organizational part sucks
Zoë L

Covid Jardin visit

We arrived at 9:20am on 8/1 and the line was already long. We are were the last two admitted to the 11:00am tour. On Monday the tour is only given in Spanish. I thought the gardens were charming, more green and cactus plants and not many flowers. I would have enjoyed paying a larger donation to NOT have the guide. Its a lovely place to stroll and take pictures at your leisure. I do not think it was worth the 1 hour and 40 minute wait. Other reviews indicated a two hour tour but the tour today lasted one hour.

No botanics during Corona : (

It’s dramatic, even the botanical garden of Oaxaca is closed due the Corona pandemic and know one knows for how long.

Amazing visit

The garden is absolutely wonderful: it’s divided between the tropical or wet (with tropical plants) and dry areas (with cactuses).
The visit can be made in english, spanish, german or french every hour by guides that can answer all your questions and explain you a lot about this project.
Fernando Ortíz

Amazing visit

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