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Location / Nearby Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.)


JEEP began in 2012 to help large animals like horses, donkeys and mules who are ill, malnourished or being mistreated in Jaltemba Bay, Nayarit, Mexico. We now also care for cats and dogs, puppies and kittens! Saturday Open House & Trail Rides 7am-Noon. Please come up the hill to interact as close as you like with our rescue horses, cats and dogs!
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Image Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.)

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A most wonderful place

This facility takes in homeless horses, dogs and cats. It is the only shelter for many miles and they do an incredible job of preparing the animals for their forever home. It is a great learning venue for the community to teach young people how to care for and treat animals. The Leavitts do a terrific job. A must see for animal lovers visiting the area. Visitors day and volunteer day is Saturday.

Wonderful work at this refuge for horses mules cats and dogs where all a cared for and prepared for a forever home.

Amazing dedication to animal health and community education through spay and neuter clinics, therapeutic horseback-riding program which focuses on helping special needs and various community education programs teaching children how to care for and bond with animals.The shelter is situated on a beautiful hilltop with exquisite views of the ocean,town and fields. Everything is clean and well cared for. The staff and volunteers are truly amazing. Well worth the visit and well worth supporting in any way you can.
Kira Martin

Absolutely amazing work

I recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Was a very eye opening experience and it is absolutely amazing what they’re doing. George is a hell of a man to meet and such a wonderful wonderful man for what he started. 10/10 experience


Love that they help needy animals and give back to their community. The tour on Saturday is a great way to meet the animals and learn about the great work done at the refugio.

Hilltop Refugio

The animals are looked after very well. Great care is taken when there is an adoption. Making sure they go to good homes. Worth visiting and supporting.
Clarinda S

Good people helping animals

We did the tour on a Saturday morning which requires a 100 peso donation. They do good work rescuing abused or neglected horses, dogs, cats and donkeys. Tour was nice. The place was clean. They also do spaying and neutering, which is so badly needed here. Also do horse riding therapy with the disabled. A good organization. Donate if you can or adopt a dog or cat.
Bil D

A Great Organization and a Fun Visit

These folks run an amazing organization dedicated to animals and the community. Our visit included a guided tour, history of the organization, and lot’s of time with the animals. With a strong group of volunteers and deep community connection J.E.E.P is a role model for other communities.

I would highly recommend a visit to their facility during their open house every Saturday.

The address shown is their mailing address and the actual facility is just a short walk down the street. Here is the coordinates for the shelter location - add these to your google maps and you’re away to the races 21.0322147,-105.2454447
Liz M

Amazing Sanctuary- Great Excursion

My two teenage sons and I visited the sanctuary and experienced the tour yesterday. The work they’re doing is wonderful! It’s set in a spectacular location with stunning views. Please take the trip- your visit won’t be more than an hour and they accept donations.
We loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
They have dogs, cats and horses. They rescue animals in need and serve the local community with spat/neuter services.

Worthwhile cause, worth the trip!

We made a visit to J.E.E.P. on Saturday the last day of our vacation in Guayabitos and are so glad we did. This is an amazing facility that has rescued and rehomed many animals since it’s inception. We were warmly welcomed and given a tour that included all the dogs, cats and horses. So many volunteers are working to keep the animals healthy and the kennels and stalls immaculate. I strongly recommend a visit and if your stay is a longer one you can even volunteer a few hours on a Saturday.

We had a little trouble finding them as our taxi from Guayabitos did not want to go up the hill and the address is actually for the residence.

You may have better luck if your taxi is from La Penita but if you walk just head up Cristobal Colón to the crest, turn right and follow this street southwest for 450 meters until you arrive at J.E.E.P.s cobble driveway on the left - it’s flanked by two lovely stone walls.

Alternatively your taxi could take you up Fernando de Magellanes and turn right onto Océano Artico and drop you at the parking lot at the top of the J.E.E.P. driveway.
Kayla Z


I can’t recommend this organization enough! Every person there gives their all to help animals in need. They make sure each animal finds a forever home that is suited for them, and match you with your perfect pet<3 I went home to Canada with the most amazing dogs. Thank you George and Loretta for starting this incredible passion project, for your hospitality and for your kindness. We will be back!


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