Hotel Casa Del Refugio


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

💵 MX$734 - MX$1,468

🌏 Calle Portal Regules No. 9 Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra, Patzcuaro 61600 Mexico (View map)

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Room type

  • Non-smoking rooms

  • Family rooms

Language spoken

English, Spanish

Number of rooms


About us

The Hotel Casa del Refugio offers you a specialized service to make you feel like and your family can enjoy the confort of modern facilities within an original XVIII century beautifully restored will feel like traveling in time to a great past in an authentic Michoacan atmosphere, full a confort and enjoy. We are pleased to serve you.
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Image Hotel Casa Del Refugio

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⏳ 01-2019

Lovely restaurant, great service & food

I ate at this restaurant in the evening, the food, service, restaurant was so lovely, clean, good value we returned the next day for breakfast. The waitress was so lovely and friendly she made my day. Would recommend the restaurant to anyone and definitely return if I am lucky enough to visit that part of the world again.
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