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A natural environment where anybody can have a transformational journey. You can come for a sweat-lodge and a private yoga class or archetypal astrology session, an amazing massage and some freshly harvested food, for , or try the native eco-tour, learn about some local plants and herbs and about stingless beekeeping.
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Andrew Crawford

Peace. Love. Respect.

Holistic Tikun is a place where the guest can experience and participate in the likes of meditation, yoga, qi-gong, temazcal, communal medicine music, art, permaculture, plant-based meals, etc, but what makes the place particularly special is the family who live there. The care and attention to detail that went into creating such a beautiful and harmonious environment is the same care and detail the family treat their guests with. My only regret is that I didn’t spend more time with them. It is a place where conversations can be deeply meaningful and interesting, but also a place to have fun, sing, celebrate life, and enjoy the company of like minded and empathic individuals who seem to really care about helping others to heal and grow. I really appreciate what I learned there in such a short period of time, and I would love to return one day. Peace. Love. Respect.
Samantha R

Peaceful, beautiful and inspiring retreat

I would HIGHLY recommend Holistic Tikun for a peaceful and extremely enjoyable stay! The room was very clean and comfortable plus the vegan food was delicious!! It was absolutely amazing waking up everyday and doing yoga in the outdoor studio while listening to the birds. I loved getting fresh coconuts from Nati and was pleasantly surprised by the stingless bee tour he gave since it was so informative and well presented.

My stay was super enjoyable and was exactly what I needed. I never write reviews but felt I had to share how great this place is for anyone looking to do a yoga retreat or to just get away. I would love to return again!

Amazing Retreat Experience

I had the most amazing stay at Holistic Tikun and I can’t recommend them highly enough. The food is incredible and each meal and every cup of tea was really made with care. All of their scheduled experiences (yoga, massage, astrology, and more) were led by the loveliest and most knowledgable/experienced professionals.

The grounds are beautiful (def recommend the bee tour) and their facilities created the perfect environment for a very rejuvenating retreat. I feel so lucky to have been introduced to this magical oasis and very inspired by the people I met there! Can’t wait to return.
Alejandra A

Rather, invest your time and money in therapy, meditation or yoga.

My experience at Holistic Tikun was bitter sweet. I decided to go on a journey and go to a retreat. After browsing various retreats, this one promised everything I was looking for. My mother wanted to join as well, so I thought it’d be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I ended up paying $998.00.
When we arrived to Holistic Tikun, we didn’t get a proper introduction to the place and Daniela (the organizer) wasn’t even expecting us. Daniela didn’t know what room we were staying and after a few minutes of decided she gave us one. She told us to take a walk (leave in other words) and come back at 6 for Yoga. She didn’t give us a tour as promised in the itinerary. We came back for Yoga class, Ximena, the yoga instructor is AMAZING (ONE of the sweet things about the retreat). When we were done, Daniela didn’t communicate a single word to us so we went to our room. I will suggest you to bring towel, shampoo, conditioner, and toilet paper because NOTHING is provided. There was a mini split but it didn’t work, there’s no fans or anything so expect to do a lot of sweating (very uncomfortable). One other recommendation, bring ear plugs because if you’re a light sleeper you won’t sleep since the dogs Daniela owns bark a lot, there’s always people coming in and out, and if you sleep on the first floor like we did, you can hear all foot steps and conversations from the second floor.
We were getting ready for bed with an empty stomach when someone knocked on the door shouting dinner was going to be ready. We were sooo upset because we felt like a burden, no one was communicating, and the organizer was completely ignoring us; I even started getting a headache because the vibe was so heavy. My mom took the initiative to talk to someone and Estrella (an angel) was talking to my mom and Daniela joined the conversation. My mom was telling them how unwelcomed we felt and I was laying in bed with a major headache listening how Daniela was being rude to my mother. I got up and confronted her. I explained I had paid $998 for us to experience a retreat and yet we were being all stressed about how unwelcomed we were feeling. I was so caught up in my emotions, I started crying. I was going through A LOT and I wasn’t getting any help there and Daniela was making us feel like we didn’t belong with her rude attitude and her stares. Estrella, which was only visiting and had no part of the retreat was being a mediator. Daniela wanted us to leave and said she would give half of the money. I agreed because I wanted to leave so bad. Estrella calmed me down and gave us like a therapy. She was supposed to leave the following day but stayed the 3 days we stayed just for us. She gave us meditation lessons. I still considered leaving, but Estrella gave me hope and I wanted to learn more about Yoga and Meditation. Now that I see things with perspective, Daniela is a VERY special person and you can see pain in her eyes. She is not suitable for this type of job. She is very knowledgeable, but she is not a people’s person. I would highly recommend you to not spend a penny at Holistic Tikun, rather invest in your mental health, therapy, yoga, and foremost meditation.
"You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace not in denial, but in victory.” —J. Donald Walters

Fabulous retreat for your body, mind and soul

First of all I’d like to say a big heart-felt thank you to my wonderful hosts.
The mother and son duo, Daniela and Netanel, have made my stay at Cozumel an experience like no other.
They genuinely care about Mother Nature nature, their community, as well as humanity. That’s why their beautiful place is so much more than a yoga retreat, it’s a little island of tranquility that nourishes one’s body, mind and soul. From massage sessions to daily personal yoga classes and meditations (with two exceptional teaches Rosario and Lorna, who have put so much effort in finding out about my needs, then customised the yoga classes to suite my body), to coral reef excursion and our trip to the Mayan ruins, the activities the retreat provides are superb. The sweat lodge, or Maskal as it’s traditionally known, was a very special experience, not something you’ll come across at your regular resort. I also have to mention that the hosts are wonderful chefs. They created amazing organic meals, using stuff they grow right there, in their garden. I could go on and on but instead I’m going to say: if you’re looking to re-balance yourself, or explore your inner self as well as take care of your physical body, then Holistic Tikun is a place for you.

More than I expected

Great place to recharge your energy with organic homey food, yoga classes, massage, temazcal... They helped organize diving and other activities for me too. The hosts are really lovely and interesting to talk to, and the garden and accomodations very nice and peaceful.

Loved the native bee tour (and food!)

If you’re interested in nature, food, local culture (or all of the above!), you’ll love this tour of Holistic Tikun’s biodynamic garden, complete with meliponario (apiary). Netanel has rescued several colonies of stingless bees from Cozumel and Playa del Carmen (most rendered homeless by deforestation/development), and has set them up on the property in beehives and tree stumps. His passion for bee preservation is inspiring, and it was cool to see the colonies up close--and get a taste of their honey! We also enjoyed a hot or cold tea made from our choice of herbs from the centre’s biodynamic garden (my family ended up choosing lemon balm, lemongrass and oregano/mint).

Overall, this was a unique "animal encounter" that made us more aware of the environment we share with bees--and it lots of fun, too!

We also ended up ordering lunch the following day. It was absolutely delicious, consisting of a marinated salad, rice and lentil-veggie pilaf that was packed with super-healthy and savoury garden-fresh ingredients. It came with refreshing hibiscus water (jamaica) and a tapioca-pudding dessert. After several days of tacos, we were craving a nutrish-and-delish lunch and this did not disappoint! Well-priced too!

We highly recommend a trip to Holistic Tikun--it’s near the touristy part of the island and very easy to get to, but feels like a world away!

Love this place!!

Leslie T

Love this place!!

Clean, comfortable, spacious and welcoming eco resort. The plant based food is fantastic and their morning coffee out of this world! The family that runs it makes you feel like your part of the family. AND they have daily yoga?!! Perfect for a solo traveler, couple and family traveling together.
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