Hacienda Tovares


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

💵 MX$2,831 - MX$5,599

🌏 Calle Rivapalacios S/N, Cadereyta de Montes 76500 Mexico (View map)

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Jimena R
⏳ 07-2020

Hacienda Tovares

I loved my stay at Hacienda Tovares, the staff was always very courteous and attentive. The place is amazing and one really does feel a connection with all the surrounding nature. There are plenty of activities to do and the restaurant offers high quality meals that emphasize the mexican culture. It is perfect for family, friends or even a romantic getaway.
⏳ 11-2017

Beautiful spot for a long weekend and connecting with nature.

Beautiful 8-room boutique hotel with vintage Mexican decor set in a vast lot. There’s a lake, private outdoor jacuzzis, the original hacienda building with a church, and long paths through the hills. The main attraction, though, is the horses. You can go horse-riding, take lessons, and help bathe them in the mornings. They also have shows on Saturdays. They also showed us the hostel (still not open as of 11/04/17) where they’ll rent out beds for the night in shared rooms. The cool thing about it is that it is right above the stables (they already have the horses there, and everything was impeccable). Finally, the restaurant serves Mexican/international fare. Quite good. I definitely recommend the place for a day trip or a weekend stay.
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