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At Español Interactivo Language School, we focus on teaching you Spanish and developing your conversational skills. Unlike some other schools, we don't distract you with a lot of extra activities. In the classroom, exploring Oaxaca, or a combination of both. Our courses are as intensive and for as long as you need. We plan learning strategies with you and monitor your progress, with the goal of improving your oral expression.
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It’s so nice I did it twice!

I am a retired French/Latin/ German teacher, enjoying acquiring a new language! This was my second two-week visit to Espanol Interactivo. My Spanish has improved, and I was able to have much more extensive conversations this year. I took four hours of classes each morning: three hours in a small group (with never more than two - three students with one teacher) in which we discussed books, movies, our families and homes, and even politics (you try explaining the electoral college in Spanish!). The final hour I spent walking around Oaxaca, visiting shops and museums with Teacher Sandra, all the time conversing one-to-one. I just loved it!
The teachers and school director Luz are lovely as is the homestay hostess Gabriela. Her accommodations are comfortable and her cooking, just sublime. The school has moved a bit farther away from Gabriela’s house to a brighter, more spacious building, but taking the bus to Llano Park was a cultural experience in itself (45 cents a ride)! And Oaxaca is just a darling city - it completely charms me! Adorable tiny little museums you just can’t miss! Music, outstanding food, kind people, beautiful sights everywhere. I cannot imagine a nicer place to study Spanish! I’ll be back!
Debbie T

Wonderful experience

My husband and I spent two enjoyable weeks studying Spanish at this school and we highly recommend it. We are retired English as a second teachers so can be fairly critical students, but we thought all the teachers at the school were terrific. Even with our beginning level Spanish, we were able to converse for 3 hours a day . Their corrections were gentle but clear and we both learned a lot. We enjoyed our afternoons in the beautiful city of Oaxaca practicing Spanish and even began thinking in Spanish. It made this one of the most rewarding vacation trips ever and we plan to do the same next year.

Great school and wonderful teachers, would absolutely recommend!

I recently spent 5 weeks at this language school and would highly recommend the experience. I came in with intermediate Spanish and left feeling comfortable and advanced in my ability to express myself. I think that the interactive style was especially effective for my level, and allowed me to achieve a fluidness with the language that you don’t always get from instruction-based classes. All the teachers were excellent and made me feel part of a community during my time here. Great experience overall!

Perfect for me

Espanol Interactivo was the perfect language school for me! I loved the small classes, which were tailored to my needs every day, and especially the constant emphasis on speaking. I’ve studied Spanish off and on for years, and this practice, supported by a large diagram of many of the most important aspects of Spanish grammar posted on the wall beside us, created a way to keep conversation flowing. The teachers and the director, Luz, were very warm and helpful - it felt like family. We also had several additional activities during the week - a walk over to a graphic design center, making guacamole with chapulines (don’t say I didn’t warn you :-), holiday enchiladas, to name a few. I was surprised how much my Spanish improved in just 2 short weeks ... and how much more comfortable I was speaking out in "the real world." Thank you Espanol Interactivo! I’ll be back!
Deborah H

Good place to study Spanish

My time in Oaxaca was very short so I only studied at Español interactivo for one week. It was, however, a very full and fun week. I chose private lessons and worked with Erika 3 hours a day. Our time together was fun and always educational. She helped me a lot and answered any questions I had. In addition to class all the students gathered on the Día de los Reyes (Epiphany) to share Rosca de Reyes, a common Mexican custom. Later in the week those students and teachers who discovered una muñeca del niño Jesús in their piece of cake brought tamales to share with everyone. Yum!
Carol W

Great Spanish School in Oaxaca

This was my second time studying Spanish at this school, each time for two weeks. It is a small, friendly , personal school. Classes size is very small and the teachers are excellent.

I love the emphasis on conversation and the skill of the teachers to incorporate grammar and still make it fun and relaxing..

It’s location right in the historic district allows you to enjoy and explore this exciting town ( sometimes with the teachers)

i have taken Spanish classes in other places in Mexico, but this s a school and city Tha gets my highest recommendation
larry w

Want a positive Spanish learning experience?

I was at Español Interactivo for two weeks. There were only 2-3 students in the class and because of the structure, I learned a lot of Spanish from the students. Luz and Karina were my teachers and they both are excellent with different skills. The structure of the class focused on conversation and practicing common phrases. No time was spent endlessly conjugating verbs, but during the conversation, verbs were conjugated.
What I appreciated the most about the experience is that Karina and Luz allowed for different learning styles. One of my fellow students learned by slowly translating from English to Spanish. I tended to barrel ahead without thinking, then got help from Karina and other students.
I was inspired and Karina and Luz set a tone that you are safe to say what you want as long as it was in Spanish. A night, I spent hours writing adventures I had in Oaxaca, learning new vocabulary and conjugating verbs. By the second week, I was dreaming in Spanish and not getting a lot of sleep. It was a true immersion experience.
Many thanks to Luz and Karina for their patience and skill in accommodating the unique learning styles of students.

Learning by doing....excellent experience

Practical learning geared to knowledge level of each student. Everyone cares about each student having a good experience. Oaxaca is a special place with really nice people, so afternoons spent in the city are great fun and opportunities to learn and practice.

Great School

I spent three weeks at the school in October and November to improve my ability to speak in Spanish. The school focuses primarily on conversational methods rather than grammatical. As an intermediate student, I felt that the classes definitely helped me achieve a new level of ability. The classes were small, with 2 or 3 students in each class. The teachers are kind, patient and dedicated to helping each student get the most out of their experience. Several highlights included building an “ofrenda” in the school to celebrate Día de los Muertos and also celebrating a student’s birthday with a traditional piñata fiesta, also there were several field trips to local museums and an art gallery. I stayed with a local family, recommended by the school and enjoyed the friendship, good food and cultural experience the home stay adds.
Jenny K

Great School

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