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Nayeli R

Must Do!!!

This was an AWESOME experience the zip lining is a MUST do, its GORGEOUS here the good is AMAZING the desserts are to die for it a GORGEOUS place❤ we will definitely be coming back for sure!!!!
Nicci M

Overall great experience

Got an awesome deal on the tickets, likely due to COVID-19. The zipline staff were friendly and helpful, and always made us feel welcome. We did about 10 ziplines, though 2 were small "starter" lines to get everyone acquainted with how the equipment worked, and the highest line required a significant hike that had me breathless about halfway up.

We have done several zip courses, but, even so, it was a new experience learning to brake on the line. The views were beautiful, and there is a wasteful you can swim in, though the water was very cold.

The good was delicious and reasonably priced, but the waiter added gratuity to the bill, which is not considered appropriate in the area.

Overall, it was a great experience and we feel lucky for the recommendation from our reach driver!
Craig Knudson

A Wonderful Experience

We had Cabin Fever. Although we thought this fantastic spot was closed, we went any way. The road is narrow and bumpy, but keep going
An absolute Paradise. A river, pools, swimming, restaurant. The portions are humongous. Great taste. Full bar. Lots of space for Social Distancing. Great friendly service. Not expensive.

A great day outing!

Eden is a restaurant and now, also a Zip-line park above Puerto Vallarta. The restaurant is built into the forest next to a large clear-water stream. The water is very cold but glorious to swim in. There is a small cliff to jump off of and a bunch of artifacts from when they shot the Predator Films there years ago. The food is delicious - but don’t expect fine dining. The drinks are fun and strong. One thing to remember though, either rent a car for the day or arrange a pick-up time with your taxi driver - if you stay late you can’t always find a cab to take you back down the mountain. The road there in back is mostly dirt and probably should be avoided during the heaviest rain seasons. Great day though - well worth it.
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