Cinco Cocina Urbana, Puebla


⏰ 07:00 - 23:00

πŸ’΅ MX$3,124 - MX$5,207

🌏 Avenida 3 Oriente 627 Centro Historico, Puebla 72000 Mexico (View map)

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About us

We are a restaurant of urban cuisine in which our inspiration have been the flavors of the market, providing new culinary techniques we have achieved dishes under a unique gastronomic concept in Puebla.
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Image Cinco Cocina Urbana, Puebla

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 22-08-2019

A Meal That I Will Remember Forever

This place left me speechless. I can’t speak for the entire menu but I recently stopped by and ordered Chamorro de Cerdo at the suggestion of the waitress. The restaurant only has room for around 20 people. I was early and the only patron during the time I was there. Chamorro is a pork shank, bone in. It was slow cooked with some type of glaze and served on a plate with some pico de gallo and guacamole. On the side she placed 6 small corn tortillas and some lime slices. When I asked what the tortillas were for she replied, to make a your tacos. I touched the meat with a fork and it fell apart. Tender, juicy and delicious. At the first bite of the meal I wanted to call all of my friends to come over and share the experience but they were all in the USA and I was in Puebla. Great meal, great service in a quiet, pleasant setting. How can you go wrong?
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 18-03-2019


We had lunch there and the food was great! A bit spicy but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s all traditional Puebla cooking, good service and a nice, cozy location Would 100% go back
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 30-07-2018

Excellent Unique Restaurant

Small, interesting, great vibe, and excellent food. We dropped in with few expectations and were very pleasantly surprised. Everything is enjoyable; the small well lit, well decorated space, and the enjoyable music. The waiter knew his menu, was very nice and very efficient.. The food, excellent with some unique "Poblano" choices. The menu small, but offered variety. I had chamorro, the spices changed this dish into something much different. My wife enjoyed "rellanos poblanos", again prepared i. A different manner from the methods and flavors of our experience in "the Bajio". The desert was excellent. Don’t miss Cinco Cocina Urbana.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 25-04-2018

The best meals we had in Puebla!!

Yes - Meals! Cinco with Chef Perla Colunga is a hidden gem with food that is both authentic and innovative - as good as any meal I have had at hot foodie restaurants here or in the states. After several mediocre meals at highly rated restaurants we stumbled upon this restaurant for lunch & then returned for dinner to try more dishes on the menu. The appetizers - tlylucos de cecina o ceviche de cecina were both delicious. We had two of the soups which were both fabulous & presented expertly with the fresh ingredients in the bowl& then a pour over at the table. We wish we had room to try the other two soups on the menu. I had the β€œres rustica” that was prepared perfectly and served on a delicious bed of sauteed vegetables including fresh purslane- muy sabroso! My friend had the Fish of the day cooked in leaves of avocado and served with an amazing combination of fresh vegetables and a reinvention of pesto with epazote and other herbs. Finally- β€œel trialogo de flan” for desert was to die for with dlan in three states of being - liquid, solid and frozen (flan ice cream) - with fresh blueberries.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 21-09-2017

Hidden suprise

The day after the earthquake, the streets of Puebla were uncharacteristically quiet. Walking around to find somewhere that was open we came across and at first hesitantly went into Cinco. We were warmly welcomed and sat in the smaller restaurant part to the left of the front door. Apart from the lighting being a tad bright for our liking the food was fresh and authentic Mexican, the service was superb, start to finish. It had great music playing at just the right volume, and although on first appearance it looked expensive it was actually excellent value for money. Would definitely recommend a visit !
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 10-07-2017


By the same owners of El Mural de los Poblanos restaurant, Cinco is the restaurant at the DescanserΓ­a Hotel (the resting place), which is a beautiful Boutique Hotel, right beside the CallejΓ³n de los saposΒ΄bazar...
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 20-07-2016

Excellent breakfast

Had several breakfasts while staying at the hotel next door and they were excellent. One server spoke a bit of English and the other did not so be patient if you don't speak Spanish.

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