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Location / Nearby Centro Fotográfico Álvarez Bravo

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Image Centro Fotográfico Álvarez Bravo

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Quirky gallery

There were exhibits by two photographers; there are about 4 rooms for display. One photographer’s photos were hilarious (all titled "More de ...(death by....)". The other photographer incorporated large woven sculpture to create creepy almost-real scenarios that caught my attention. Depending on the exhibit, could be well worth the visit.

photography - very worthwhile

This was one of my favorite museums. It is small but has some very interesting eclectic images to see.
Jack M

Interesting collection in a nice space

Rotating exhibition in a nice space. Good lighting is very important in any museum but especially in a photo museum. This lighting was very good.

Nice little free museum of fotography

Alvares Bravo old house and studio in downtown Oaxaca is a small, quaint open patio marvel with exhibits on the line of its previous owner, some local some foreign. Entrance free.

I was here for Pinhole Day events

Oaxaca Estenopeica does a series of events every year for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day in April. I was in Oaxaca for this. One day there was a workshop at the Alvarez Bravo, and I got the use the facility. There is a well-equipped darkroom, classrooms and galleries, and a very pleasant atmosphere. A wonderful facility.
Mary K

Not much there when we went

This was disappointing because I had read good reviews about this museum. We usually really enjoy photographs, but we only stayed about 30 minutes and didn’t see anything very interesting.
Donald W

An interesting take on Photography in a legendary mexican photographer’s home

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