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Sandra carina

Family vacation

Cambiar a españolvisiting the municipality of Aculco is something magical and finding places like this are experiences that you will always remember.
this place in the family has been a very beautiful experience, it is a very quiet place where the sound of the water of nature is related and makes you forget your problems, see the water fall, it is very clear.
to enjoy and help you have a professional guide, at a cheaper price, at a lower price, a better reading, a very useful guide, a subject that will help you read, read and write. lugarrs eat, stay to sleep, the typical food of the region.
The only bad thing is that they are very hidden and one wants to go alone without anyone being able to read and not know elsewhere.
but I can recommend this place and in general the whole town because they are wealth with which the state of mexico counts and if to be able to contribute to the economy of the population.
Thank you
Alberto Pérez

The best Waterfall

I went to ¨la Cascada de la Concepcion¨ last month with my family, the landscapes that are appreciated around them are very beautiful, as well as the path to the bottom of the waterfall and there is the possibility of being able to get into the water without any problem, You have to take your food as a picnic because there are not many people dedicated to selling in that place! I recommend going to visit this waterfall especially in Easter is where there is more water and people come with their family to spend a nice time.

Better to see in the rainy season

I went to this place last march with my wife. The view is spectacular. The river is not to wide and didn’t have a considerable flow of water. Even though I like it a lot. People told me that the best time to come to see it is in the rainy season, when the flow of water is huge. There isnta any fences on protection, so you have to be careful where you walk. There has been casualties, people who risk too much.
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