Casa Morgana, Mexico City


🌏 Calle Milan 36 Next to the Lucerna Forum, Mexico City 06600 Mexico (View map)

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Image Casa Morgana, Mexico City

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👆 Web ⏳ 30-11-2018


The place is so cute, there are no tables to sit down, but the decoration is gorgeous and the ice cream delicious. I found the combinations very interesitng, there was a "pan de muerto" ice cream, which tasted as if you were eating a real pan de muerto, my father in law had a "ofrenda de muerto" ice-cream which was a combination of some items you can find in an ofrenda like flowers, sugar, orange peel, and chocolate. My husband had a banana-nutella ice-cream which was my favorite, rich and creamy with a perfect balance.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 03-10-2018

Tiny gem in the city with wonderful Gelato

Delicious and a wonderful treat during our walk through the city. I highly reccomend stopping by. It also helps that the stand is beautifully decorated and packaged.
👆 Web ⏳ 24-05-2018

Pure Bliss from a wonderful Hole In the Wall

We were thoroughly enjoying our family trip to Mexico daughter is a bit of a sweet tooth so we were searching for a treat in the neighborhood near our air BNB in the Juarez neighborhood. My phone indicated Casa Morgana Ice Cream was just a couple blocks away. We followed the should be here...hmm...I think they were considering closing, but the shutter moved up and a delightful woman began to describe the flavors they had created that day - provided samples of essentially all their available flavors - from hibiscus to cinnamon to chili chocolate. All wonderful. We purchased a couple pints and took them back to our flat. We were back 2 days later to enjoy some new flavors. WONDERFUL

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